The El Gordo Lottery: What’s In Store for the April 14 Draw?

Posted on April 9, 2012


The next Spanish Superdraw is taking place on Saturday, April 14, 2012. As part of the rich “El Gordo Draw” tradition, the upcoming draw promises over 85 million euros in cash prizes and over 37 thousand winners in just a single lottery event.

The jackpot prize alone is EUR4.9 million while the first prize has been pegged at EUR10 million! This is probably why the Spanish Superdraw remains as one of the most played lottery draws by lotto aficionados all over the world.

There are two variants to the franchise, the bi-weekly draws and the El Gordo Superdraws which offer a robust grand prize occurring in special times of the year. The biggest El Gordo draw is the Navidad draw and has its draw on December 22. Compared to most lottery games the El Gordo lotto has gained popularity because of it’s 70% revenue payout compared to standard European and American lotto games with a 40% to 50% revenue index.

The El Gordo lottery (El Gordo translates to “the big one”) is played differently from regular lotto draws and has its own system of distributing lotto tickets to its millions of followers. The El Gordo lotto tickets are normally purchased as a whole or in tenths which is called a decimo. The El Gordo ticket is quite pricey which is why you can buy a small portion of it with the hitch of winning a portion of the grand prize if you end up with the winning number. This is one of the ways that El Gordo has tried to reach out to a broader player base. Lotto tickets for the El Gordo are sold at a set amount which is why it literally creates a frenzy when the tickets are offered.

Another distinction of the El Gordo lotto is the way the tickets are printed. Ticket numbers are created in a group which will contain various series with a combination of numbers printed on ticket groups which means that a number combination can be found on more than one ticket. This increases the odds of winners and to date, there has been a record of as many as 195 winners winning for the same draw with this system. All winnings from the El Gordo lottery is tax free and is offered as a lump sum payment to the lucky winners.

Players of the El Gordo lottery do not have the liberty of selecting their winning combination as compared to other lottos. The number for each ticket is pre-printed which means that the El Gordo is ran on a raffle type of draw. The draw in itself is quite interesting with two ball machines used to pick out the winning ticket number, and the corresponding prize associated with the lotto ticket.

This year lotto officials have announced that the Spanish El Gordo draw plans to pay out over €3 BILLION to an estimated 1, 202,490 winners from it’s global player pool.

This means more prizes to win and more winners during the regular and special Spanish superdraws. If you’re interested to join any of the scheduled Spanish Superdraws, just go today or visit



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